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Meridien retirement plan and pension consultants provide professional retirement services to New England companies.  Our frontline teams of professional experts are always here to help you with developing, maintaining, and communicating different benefit schemes.

At Meridien Benefits, Inc. we help out our corporate customers by integrating, maintaining and communicating benefit schemes for their most valuable resources, including top level executives and employees as human resources. We also assist our clients with the accumulation, transference and protection of their personal wealth.


A Leader in Executive & Corporate Benefits

We specialize in providing Benefit Plans to companies throughout New England. Our team of experts will assist you in developing, maintaining and communicating various benefit programs.

At Meridien Benefits, we assist corporate clients by developing, maintaining and communicating benefit programs for your most valuable resources, your executives and employees. We also help our clients accumulate, preserve and transfer personal wealth.

Founded in 1975 as an operating company for sales and service of life insurance products to corporations and affluent individuals, Meridien Benefits, Inc. has grown into a leading source of Qualified and Non-Qualified planning solutions.

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Loyal. Ethical. Experienced.

Loyal. Ethical. Experienced.

As a boutique specialty firm serving New England companies for over 40 years, we understand what companies need to increase cost-efficiency and plan effectiveness.

Education is vital, and so, we introduced Meridien University.

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401(k) & Qualified Plans

401(k) & Qualified Plans
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Non-Qualified Plans

Non-Qualified Plans
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Executive Benefits

Designs benefit plans that address the retirement savings gap confronting most of today’s higher-earning executives, helping them achieve their individual goals. We understand ideas and design, and offer extraordinary solutions that handles the simplest and most complex plans.

Life Insurance

Insurance benefits need to be looked at from multiple perspectives. Meridien helps move away from “one size fits all” products to smarter, integrated solutions.

401(k) & Qualified Plans

Professional management with creating a custom solution for your company.  From plan design, the investment line up, the education plan and consistent monitoring, our experience will enhance this generous benefit you offer your employees.

Executive Disability Plans

Offering cost effective and reliable solutions for executives who need extra financial protection that are not included in a traditional employer group coverage.

Wealth Transfer

Create and provide benefit programs that help accumulate wealth, manage wealth and protect wealth. Meridien offers sophisticated wealth management and transfer solutions to clients by identifying and providing access to high quality products and innovative investment strategies.

Meridien University

In partnership with your company, our belief is that education is at the core of our service.  Every participant should have access to tools, content and personal 1-1 access to better prepare them for their future.

Our Values

At Meridien, we believe in doing business the right way.

Be Clients-Centric

Be Loyal

Be Proactive

Be Reliable

Clients Come First

We have valued providing the best client experience and results since day one when Meridien opened its doors in 1975. Our goal is simple: have clients that love us from the ease of doing business with us, the personal attention we provide, and the savings and quality of work we deliver.

We’re In This For The Long-Term

Loyalty is a recurring theme whether you look at our staff listing or clients served. Our team is composed of veterans with deep experience and education in the industry. And our clients – they are our best advocates because they have experienced what our loyalty to them has produced.

We Solve Problems

Our job is simple: fix our new client’s situation, and then make sure it only gets better from there. Sometimes, the problem isn’t simple though. Our specialized focus can help us move faster, but we can make a promise we call the “sun down rule”: you will always hear from us before the sun goes down, even if we have to say, “I don’t know the answer yet, but we will figure this out.”

We Are Here To Be Helpful

At the core of sound financial stability is understanding of financial circumstances, opportunities, and risks. We introduced Meridien University in 2015 to provide educational materials and personalized content focused on helping our clients and their participants. With a staff member focused on on-demand education, we will ensure that your participation will increase and the value of our relationship will extend far beyond management of your account.


Learn from Meridien University how to plan for your retirement, what life insurance can really do for you, how to manage your personal budget, and much more.
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