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Life Insurance Plans

Why a life insurance Plan?
Your loved ones life is as important as your own life to you. That is why we are in existence to protect yourself and the loved ones of you. We offer our clients life insurance plans under 3 main segmentations in the form of corporate owned life insurance, bank owned life insurance, and personal life insurance.

Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI)

This is a policy obtained by the employer covering one or many employees under the same scheme. This is often misunderstood as life insurance protocol, which is obtained by the corporates to assist in defraying the cost of retirement, health and other benefits.
Corporate owned life insurance policies are originally purchased on the life of valued employees and are hedged against the financial cost of losing employees due to unexpected death and other factors. We are always willing to serve you with the best insurance policies which suites you best and feel free talk to our professional consultants regarding any relevant issue.

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Bank Owned Life Insurance (BOLI)

This is a Life insurance policy carried  by a Bank, for ultimately one or more employees, is referred to as Bank Owned Life Insurance referents. It is often confused with BOLI which is a life insurance tool implemented by Banks to help cover the cost of retirement, health matters and other benefits.
Bank owned life insurance policies add up institutionally priced life insurance offerings. In addition, the Banking Regulatory Agencies have provided specific guidelines on diligence purchase appeals and ongoing administration. We help in the preparation of all paper work related to the due diligence process and ongoing administration in the correct form for our Bank clients to meet these regulatory proceedings. We have 4 decades of expertise in providing financial institutions BOLI services.

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Personal Life Insurance

A Personal life insurance scheme states that you will pay an agreed amount called the premium to an insurance agent over time, and, in exchange, the corporate will pay a lump sum amount to a particular beneficiary upon your death or insanity. The agreed value from your life insurance policy could assist in paying different bills and help support the surviving family member’s daily expenses. You may need to alter the amount of your life insurance policy related to major life events, like buying a house, getting married, or upon having a child. Decide it on your own and hand over the rest to us at Meridien Benefits, Inc.

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