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Our Vision

For Meridien University is to provide all retirement plan participants with educational tools, valuable content, and personal, 1-on-1 access to our experts to help them save more and plan smarter for retirement.

Meridien University is and will forever be in a continual improvement process so we can offer timely and valuable advice to participants. We strive to introduce best practices, clear information, and actionable advice to participants in crystal clear, understandable, and jargon-free language.

We Foster Retirement Readiness and Positive Outcomes

Access group meetings, one-on-one guidance, personal advisory and help with retirement and investment planning free for clients of Meridien and their participants.

Enrollment Campaign

Help participants understand how to save for retirement while also managing debt and covering living expenses. The workshop will review the retirement Plan and all the investment options.

Retirement Readiness

Demonstrates how important it is to save and plan for retirement by reviewing plan features available through the Plan and what valuable tools are available online, such as the Retirement Savings Gap Tool.

Building your Portfolio

Focuses on the participants and making sure they are in an appropriate portfolio for their lifestage. Help them maximize Plan features and keeping their investments on track.

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation plays a pivotal role in helping to achieve financial goals. This workshop explains how to pursue proper allocation with a level of risk that is personally acceptable.

New Retirement Landscape

Explores how inflation and Social Security can affect retirement income; offers suggestions on how to combat shortfalls in retirement planning.

Annual Investment Review

Focuses on how to stay on track to reach set retirement goals by managing their finances and reviewing their investments annually.

Take Aim On Their Financial Future

Discusses ways to look at how participants can take aim on their financial future and start planning for their retirement and the challenges they may face.

Market Fluctuations

Talks about the importance of how to stay calm during market volatility, the value of fundamentals during a market downturn and being focused, prepared & informed.

Social Security – The Choice of a Lifetime

The Social Security decision is one of the most important decisions you will face about your retirement – a decision that could potentially result in receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional retirement income. Providing guidance for this important decision can set the stage for a broader discussion about ones retirement income plans. This presentation breaks down and simplifies the various rules and filing options for Social Security, and demonstrates how one can make a suitable decision for their needs by analyzing and comparing different Social Security filing options.

Managing Your Personal Finances

The key to managing one’s finances isn’t more time or even more money; it’s using time and money efficiently that puts you in control, about becoming better organized and identifying the resources to help you stay on track. This presentation will help identify the tools that are available to assist with creating and building a budget, offer resources when comparing credit card companies, discuss the option of home ownership verses renting and identify many options to help one save for your future.

Healthcare Costs in Retirement

Health care expenses represent the number one threat to retirement savings and are one of the most important factors of a retirement income plan. This presentation will help you understand health care costs in retirement, show you what Medicare covers and how to prepare for the additional medical costs and will assist you with creating a plan.

Generational Investing

Not all investors are created equal. Risk tolerance, investment experience and time horizons all play a vital role when designing a portfolio. However, it’s important to identify and consider one’s long term goals, while focusing on one’s immediate concerns. Whether if you are a Baby Boomer, Generation X, Generation Y or a Millennial – this presentation will discuss investment concerns and solutions that personally matter to your generation.

Staying the Course through Recent Market Volatility

Just when market volatility was starting to become a fading memory, it resurfaced in a big way. Although ( we are seeing ) slowing growth in many different asset categories there are some bright spots on the Horizon Regardless of the fact that there are mixed feelings about the markets as we look ahead – it’s critically important to stay the course and be properly diversified to accomplish your long term goals.

Millennials & Investing

For employees at the beginning of their career, we’ll explore the importance of saving early and taking on investment risk. Dollar cost averaging and compounding of interest are two benefits when it comes to investing early. We’ll also discuss upcoming life events and the best way to prepare for those changes along with the resources needed to create the best plan possible.

Gen X & Gen Y

Midway through our career we will stress the importance of staying the course with a re-focus on your long term goals. We’ll address concerns such as managing cash flow, college planning and long term care parental care. All items that have a direct impact on saving for retirement at this stage in your life. We will also introduce retirement calculators, web tools and define what retirement readiness means to you.

Baby Boomers / Pre-Retirement

Most common Pre-Retirement questions: Have I saved enough, can I fund my post retirement lifestyle, what expenses do I need to consider, what about Social Security and what about future medical expenses. These are just a few items that we will address and more importantly provide tools and resources to help plan for retirement.

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  1. Set Goals
  2. Create a Plan
  3. Take Action with Clear Steps Forward


  1. Completing a Risk Tolerance Survey
  2. Reviewing Personalized Morningstar Fund Reports
  3. Analyzing a Projected Retirement Plan

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